Thursday, 14 February 2013

Undulating Updates

Welcome ladies and gents to yet another blog post. This one may be shorter than the rest but bear with me for a day or two.

First up - my Star Wars shortie. I should be posting 2 new pieces this weekend, I promise. I know I haven't posted anything in a week or so. Between writing it and typing/editing it, its taking some time. This is the longest fanfic I've ever done (I think I may be going for a world record here) and it's taking it's toll.

Also - I've written a substantial amount from the second book, but am now taking a small break until next week due to health issues. Apparently having exam week, and writing not one but three different stories merely hours before finishing the exam is not healthy. Neither is forgetting the eat or sleep for 5 straight days. No wonder my doctor's eyes rolled over like the girl from the Exorcist.

I still can't talk about the future of the Legacy series yet, but what I can tell you is that a CANON story from the series will be published in the May issue of DieGo's new product: the Kingdom of Fantasy magazine. The story is entitled Wizards Always Cheat and it's meant to be an introductory piece for the entire series. So you can look forward to that. The June issue of the same magazine will also feature an article by myself called Buffy vs Twilight - on the surface its a discussion about the vampire creature, being compared in the two franchises. (But really its more of an excuse to voice my opinion in a sarcastic, verbose and graphically livid way at the expense of one of the franchises.) You'll love it, seriously.
Get your KoF subscription here: and visit this page too whilst you're at it:
I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Issue number whatever: the Blogiversary. I have been invited to participate in this blog: and I shall be doing an interview. However I will not be the one answering questions: Amaymon will.

Yes, I am allowing the perverted, narcissistic, masochistic and definitely sarcastic black demonic cat to answer questions in public!
And this work of art will feature on the above blog on the 19th of this month. Be sure to check it out, its a boat  load of laughs and then some.

That's it for now. Be sure the check the links and support the people behind them. I'll be posting links of the day of my features (or perhaps a little before) so that you guys can have a look and a laugh.

Till next time folks

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