Friday, 30 November 2012


You guys wanted more Firstborn so here it is. Last we left, Erik is preparing to enter a school building filled with Lizardmen. Enjoy.

Chapter 2:

Having a pair of firearms doesn’t change anything when you know deep down that your prey is unaffected by both darkness and bullets. I stood very still as my eyes, slowly adjusting to the darkness, picked up subtle hints of movement. A twitch here, a jerk there. I willed my magic right into my guns and I opened fire at the closest hint of movement. All hell broke loose, as flashes of red from my enhanced bullets showed giant reptilian figures scurrying around and running up walls. Angry hisses surrounded me, and I knew there and then that if I did not kill these monsters soon the predator could very easily become the prey.
There exist several types of magic but they essentially boil down to two: Wizards can simply wave their hands, say some words, and something happens. Or they can use channels. Channels can be just about anything: guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows. There is a downside, however: Everyday objects made by everyday people are too brittle to handle any real power. 


  1. Got to hate it when you use an every day object and it just can't handle the power. Nice world building, nice descriptions.

  2. Aha. Does that explain weapons made to be magic?

    1. Some are magic but not your everyday human weapons. Erik shows his off later on during the chapter. And in later chapters we got to see one of the rituals to make a mortal weapon magical

  3. Nice! Good world-building. And magic guns! Love that!

  4. So glad you did share more of this, because it's really good. Fantastic detail and world building. I'm hooked.

  5. Good, I take it, my hairbrush is out of the question then... ;) Glad you shared another snippet from this.

  6. I'm really likening the comments here. I think more Firstborn is due next week