Friday, 15 February 2013


You guys wanted chapter 3 of Firstborn, so here it is. This chapter is just Erik relaxing in his office, having a beer after a hard day's work of killing monsters, saving children and . . . dying. We've all been there. 
He just want to relax and maybe nap a bit. But is it really that simple? 
*Evil Laugh*


Steam rose from my leather trench coat as the unrelenting afternoon sun baked every inch of the surrounding geography. I arrived in front of a building block and opened the front door to my office. Inside I was greeted with a semi-chaotic mess of antiques, ornaments, scattered furniture and discarded delivery boxes, all managing to occupy a majority of the open area. At the far end stood an antique-looking wooden table and a leather chair where I managed the “business” side of my job. A doorway adjacent to the left of the desk led to a modest kitchen, a bathroom, and a narrow staircase leading to a basement. On the right of the desk was another staircase, this one wider, which led up to the second floor. It was mainly a corridor and two bedrooms opposite each other as well as a bathroom. I usually sleep in one, unless I just crash on my couch downstairs, whilst Amaymon occupies the other. The cat made it clear that he needs his own space.

“Ugh, what a day,” I complained to no one as I shifted my position so that I was lying on the couch.


  1. Funny, this scene when I read it the first time, reminded me of my old piano teacher's office. Antiques and knick-knacks all over the place. This second read, it still reminds me of it. Great descriptions. And you gotta love a cat's attitude!

  2. Cats always make those things clear.

    :) Heidi

  3. some great comical touches with the territorial cat (is there any other kind) and I liked the line about complaining to no one. Strong details!

  4. Nice scene - you paint a very nice picture. And of course the cat needs his own space - don't they all?

  5. I enjoy the descriptions you gave in this scene. Nice work!

    Speaking of cats, I hate when they move into a room and take over. I'm sleeping on the couch now, thanks to the one I have at home taking over my bedroom. So frustrating!

  6. How is it that cats can take up entire rooms?

    But I'm more curious as to why steam is rising off his trench coat. That's not exactly normal...

  7. Love the descriptions in this piece. Boy, am I glad I don't own a cat... :D