Friday, 22 March 2013

Christ Copyright

Easter is coming soon and in this Catholic country of mine, that is a big deal. So before I go into a rant about religion in general I suppose some background information is due.
I was raised Catholic or Christian, whatever you wanna call it. I remained a devout religious person until I was eighteen, when I reached a peek in my jaded views and the idea of worship didn't sit well with me. Now that I'm older and somewhat wiser, I know better. I still refuse to enter in a Church or any other place of worship but not simply out of rebellion, but rather out of mistrust. Allow me to explain.
I do believe that there is a higher being. And whilst I fully believe in science and the Big Bang and whatnot, I can't help but wonder. I mean, try humbling yourself for a while - you can see the beauty in anything. Anyone who set in motion a tiny spark of life, enacted the Big Bang, which resulted in the most complicated and beautiful planet in our solar system and in the accident which gave life to all of us and which will probably end in a nuclear war where human zombies eat eachother and some mutant cockroach roams the planet like a boss until 5th dimension aliens populate our planet and tell eachother fairy tales of those funny things called homo sapiens (x3): anything which can do that is surely deserved of the title God.
I know God exists - how else do you explain the imagination and the creativity inside each and every one of us?

My beef isn't with God - its with the churches, cults and human congregations. The world is a beautiful thing; it's man with his dumbass vehicles and diet pepsi that ruins everything. Now I have nothing against priests or other men of vocation. I treat them the same way I treat teachers and police officers - with respect and reservation. I am all for people having a belief system but I would humbly ask you not to ruin my life trying to convince me that you are right.

However. If you are going to practice a religion I suppose it would behoove you to practice it correctly and fully. Let's understand one thing - if you presume to know what God thinks and how it operates, you're full of it.
I think it's high time that everyone moves past the bullshit and understands what religion is all about.
Kindness. Love. Respect.

I know this will upset most people, including some very conservative family members of mine - but I believe in a higher cause. I'm not trying to be a martyr; I'm just telling the truth.

God doesn't care about your daily life. God's a little too busy holding the quantum threads of the universe together in ways we can't even begin to grasp. We know fuck nothing about God.
To presume that God will smite us if we don't sing anthems during national events or something bad will happen if we don't abstain from eating candy on a holiday shows the true essence behind these rituals - human fear. This is the same reason why we run to our temples every week because we think that God is taking attendance and will grant us a wish like a genie.

And yet it's somehow acceptable for those same people to come out of mass and go by their daily life as if nothing happened. The latest reprint of the Bible sold over 2 million copies - yet I will bet anyone serious money on whether even half that amount even bothered to read and UNDERSTAND what they bought. The Bible is a story, as if every other sacred text in existence: Zoroastrian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, all the rest. It's a story, a fairy tale. And like a real story, it delivers a message.
That message is to love eachother and be kind.

But some people are just to bigotant and blind to realize that. Somehow Christ is on copyright now - selective acceptance. How is it that God, Christ, Mohammed, All the others, have all shown love to the underdog and the misunderstood but at the same time the previous Pope went on record and said that homosexuals are the decay of this society?   
Are we this sad? Are we still judging people by skin, race, gender and sexual preferences? Because if being a feminist, want Gay rights, and wish that EVERYONE will have the right to love whoever they want and have a family with WHOEVER they want, means that I am being a heretic then I'll gladly switch over to the rebellion.
Here's a little story which happened to a friend of mine down the block. He decided to stop attending mass. His parents began crying and wailing, asking him where they went wrong with raising him. So lemme get this straight. For these parents, stopping going to mass is the equivalent of doing drugs, having unprotected sex and messing with a good future. Yes, to answer your question this happened a few years ago: in the 21st century.
I still get shut down everytime I try to argue with my friends and family or just classmates, because apparently Christ is copyrighted to only Catholics. God forbid I bring God up in an argument, even if to it is to justify a ritual or perhaps help someone who is a devout Christian understand something in the ways of kindness.

We have the indecency of objectifying God as if we could ever interact with him, her, it or them. God is a concept, created to show the world of just how kind people are. So if you wanna pray, do so and God bless you, but also don't forget the people around you. If you wanna say grace before you eat, it's all well and good, but don't forget the people who made the food and who prepared it. If you know someone who's in trouble, praying will only get you so far. Try helping out, give some time.
If Christ is copyrighted to bigots and hypocrites, then don't worry about it.
Kindness, love and respect. Show enough of those and anyone can become God. Isn't that after all the whole point of religion - to teach us a higher purpose and to become better versions of ourselves?

So this Easter, whether you believe in it or not, whether you believe in God or not, whatever your religion may be, remember what truly matters and spread around some kindness.



  1. Amen. :) I wish I had a more insightful comment, but I really agree with everything you said here. I hate that we have people who pray for iPads. I have 6th grade students who tell me that when I have a migraine, I should pray for God to relieve me. Of course, I tell them God has more important things to do and I'll just take a BC and keep it moving. I also am disgusted by the fact that people think a God who is all loving, who created all of us, would shun any of his/her/its children. Love and care for each other, especially those who need it most. Work for what you want and help others along the way.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad someone else can see it too. :)