Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sonic Subterfuge

Part 12 of the Star Wars short story. Enjoy.

Sonic Subterfuge

“We’re here.” The shuttle landed in front of the entrance, just at the edge of the Stairs of Trial. The Temple entrance was a large bronzium door flanked by four colossal statues; Jedi etched in marble.
Kenobi was the first off the shuttle. Wraith shielded his eyes from the sun and turned to gaze at the Temple. A long, wide plaza stretched for a kilometer  like a giant corridor leading Force Adepts from the Stairs to the entrance of the Temple.
Kenobi held Wraith back, preventing him from going along the plaza towards the Temple. The Clone Troopers remained on the ship: they were only a team of eight since Kenobi decided to take a small team and escort Wraith himself to the Temple. He ordered Anakin and Ahsoka to regroup with another Clone legion and continue with their campaign.
Wraith halted, awaiting Kenobi’s commands. His hands still stung from the energy cuffs. When he had been bound the first time, he simply phased through them, much to the trooper’s frustration. This went on for two more attempts, until the former Sith stated that he’ll comply to being disarmed but not restrained. He assured Kenobi that there is no way he would allow anyone to bind him and there was nothing they can do about it. He would be civil but not a prisoner. Kenobi had confiscated his double-bladed lightsaber and yielded.

He stood beneath the warm Coruscant sun, rubbing his wrists softly. Phasing through energy still hurt a little. More practice was needed. A small battalion of Jedi marched towards them.
“Why is he not bound?” The lead man was blonde with his tan robes billowing. “Master Kenobi, is this the Sith you spoke of?”
 Wraith took a single step, smiled and extended his hand. “Former Sith. My name is Wraith, Master Jedi.”
The lead man glared at him and whipped out his lightsaber. A purple plasma blade quivered at the nape of Wraith’s neck.
“Is he Sith?” he snarled at Kenobi.
“Yes, Master Vane, but-”
“Why is he here?”
“He seeks council with Master Yoda. He claims to have information about Sith. His actions helped save a legion of Clones,” answered Kenobi.
“Then he should be incarcerated, put on trial and interrogated for a negotiation,” replied Vane sternly. “No one is allowed an audience with the Grand Master.”
Wraith closed his eyes and let out a long breath. This Jedi was not going to allow him an audience; no Jedi would. They would probably think he had manipulated Kenobi’s mind and forced him to take him to Coruscant. The protocol was incarceration and processing; it could be too late by then. He could understand the security measures and the rules.

That didn’t mean he would accept them.

The Jedi Masters were the first to hear it. A faint tune, like a subsonic whistle, emerged from Wraith’s lips. The tone resonated with every living being, distorting their senses. Kenobi reached for his lightsaber but his movements were too sluggish. Vane, his suspecting mind expecting foul play, lurched forward, driving the tip of his lightsaber into Wraith’s throat. Wraith fully expected such a move and unleashed a burst of Force from his body. Vane, Kenobi, the accompanying Jedi and the shuttle containing the Clones were thrown backwards. The purple tip lightly grazed Wraith’s neck, leaving a thin scar along the left side. Vane and his Jedi were thrown as far as the four gargantuan statues and squashed into a heap. Kenobi was thrown against the right wall, hitting his head and falling unconscious. A trickle of blood trailed from his skull. The Force Wave was so powerful that the shuttle moved backwards and tipped over. It slid down the Stairs of Trial, loosing wings and thrusters. The Stairs themselves were chipped and cracked, deforming into a small pile of debris wherever the shuttle slid down. The Clones had extracted their grapples and rappelled off the shuttle, which continued to slide and tumble down the Stairs unencumbered.

Wraith grasped the Force within him and channeled his power. The earth shook and the atmosphere itself seemed to tremble. It was a show of power. He knew that the Grandmaster rarely left the Temple: if Wraith couldn’t go to him, he had to draw the Grandmaster out. He will show where he is and let the Jedi come.

And if he had to fight every simple Jedi at the Temple until he was faced only with the Grandmaster Yoda, then so be it. 

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