Friday, 23 August 2013


It's been a long while since I posted something on here and I think it's about time we change that.
Below are the opening lines of a novella I just finished called Big Wolf on Campus (Yes I'm a 90's child. Moving along).
Title may be subject to change.
This little baby will be part of a Halloween release and will also be included in a short story collection published by AEC Stellar.
More details on my twitter account (@enkousama).

This story still takes place in the Legacy universe but it is way before First Born. No succubii, no Sins, no angels - just a wizard and his talking cat.


I live life by two tenants: number one - never speak to me before my first cup of coffee.
Rule number two - never break rule number one.

“Yep. That's a dead guy,” I said nonchalantly.
Detective Roland March raised his eyebrows from where he was kneeling - right next to the pile of flesh and bone that had once been Woodridge High's most prized quarterback.

I had barely made it to the small clearing outside of campus when a small swarm of journalists assaulted me with questions: Roland wriggled from the crowd and shooed everyone away before handing me some coffee.

He showed me what was left of the corpse: it looked like it had been through a blender. And believe it or not, that wasn’t the part that interested me - I’m used to gore.
I was more intrigued by the set of paw prints leading from the corpse into the woods next to the high school.

“Maybe he met Lord Voldemort in there.”


  1. Intriguing...I look forward to seeing more from this. I love a good werewolf story and you set the stage so nicely. Love the jaded POV character.

    Oh and you've got a typo in the first sentence. "tenants" should be "tenets." Darn auto correct! Gets me all the time.

  2. He shouldn't have forgotten those tenets.

  3. I live by those tenets too (substitute tea for coffee).

    Paw prints you say? Intriguing.

  4. Haha! I love the humor in this. Very dry and true to life, as it's advisable no one speak to me until I've got some coffee in me and God help you if I didn't drink any that morning. I like this character already--knowledgable and cranky. And I like the title. :)

  5. Pawprints? Cool! Um. yeah. Sorry someone died...