Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lightsaber Threeway

Part 3 of my Star Wars fanfic.

Lightsaber Threeway

The apprentice eyed them and decided that he wanted, no needed, to test his skills against this Jedi pair. Imagine, if he could claim his first Jedi kill when he was still an apprentice. And a Master to boot.
He applied a lethal amount of Force on the Force Choke he had on the clone and soon a thick snapping sound echoed throughout the hanger. The Clone fell in a heap, his head hanging limply.
“No!” screamed the Padawan. She ran towards the apprentice, her beautiful lavender blade held high. Her master tried to stop her but, seeing he was too late, he dashed after his pupil. Still, he was far away. The apprentice held his red lightsaber ready and in a split second moved in for the easy kill that the Padawan had become.
But his senses warned him of danger. A cyan lightsaber spun in his vision and he managed to block it. The weapon flew back to the Jedi Master. He pressed a button on the long handle and a second cyan blade appeared from the other end.
The apprentice locked blades briefly with the Padawan, before using his free hand to punch her in the gut, channelling the Force through his fist. He clashed with the Master, exchanging blows at high speed. Ducking underneath the Padawan’s blade, he locked blades with the Master before the Padawan added her blade. As he was about to be overwhelmed, the apprentice extracted his second lightsaber and swung the crimson blade in a wide arc. The Master anticipated the move: he used one hand to Force push his Padawan from harm’s way, whilst deflecting the red blade with the second blade on his saberstaff. The apprentice unleashed lightning at the Master throwing him backwards. As the Padawan moved closer, the apprentice connected the pommels of his lightsabers and twirled his red saberstaff. Clashing with the Padawan, he soon overwhelmed her defences and kicked her legs from beneath her. Her Master pulled the apprentice away from his student, engaging him in battle.
“Is this really all you can do?” asked the apprentice. He wasn't being snide; simply curious. His Master had warned him that Jedi Masters were beyond his league and yet here he was, holding his own against not one but two Jedi, one of which was a Master.
“Be quiet, you monster,” snarled the Jedi Master. More blows were exchanged. The Padawan re-joined the fight but was soon thrown away by the apprentice, who kicked her away. Both saberstaffs twirled, clashing equally. The apprentice couldn't feel any advantage; both warriors were of equal skill and wielded equal weapons. After another blade lock, the apprentice twisted off one end of the lightstaff and once more wielded twin lightsabers.
“I believe the Jar Kai technique will best you, Jedi Master,” mocked the apprentice. He launched an assault, driving the Master to the defensive. Flanking the Jedi, the apprentice drove a blade through the handle of the saberstaff and both cyan blades disappeared. Following the momentum, the apprentice drove his second blade through the Jedi’s abdomen.
“That’s the disadvantage to constructing traditional lightsaber staffs. Cut the power cell and both blades vanish,” whispered the apprentice in the dying Jedi Master’s ear before Force pushing him away.
“Master!!” The Padawan let out a scream through the Force, forcing the apprentice to back away.
“How could you?” she screamed. The apprentice reconnected the pommels of his weapons and twirled his staff around.
“He made a mistake. I exploited it. It’s called winning,” sneered the apprentice. He couldn't believe it – he had bested a Jedi Master.
“It’s called murder,” snarled the Padawan. She launched herself at the apprentice, using the Force to push him. But he was awaiting that. As he felt his body move, he himself applied the Force, throwing his lightstaff at the Padawan. Retrieving his weapon, the apprentice leapt from one side to another trying to catch the Padawan unaware.  The Padawan used the Force to throw cargo boxes lying around in the hanger at the apprentice, slowing him down. Engaging him once more, the Padawan tried to get close enough to destroy the hilts of his staff. The apprentice, aware if this, caught her in a blade lock before switching off the blades and causing her to stumble forwards. He was very close to her, at an angle where she had to twist awkwardly to catch him with her plasma sword. Switching to hand-to-hand combat, he unleashed a flurry of punches and knee strike, as well as hitting her with the unignited hilt of his lightsaber. The Padawan was thrown away, her lightsaber lost and her head in a daze. The apprentice moved in for his second kill of the day.

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