Monday, 27 May 2013

Girl Power

Part 18 of the Star Wars short story. Enjoy

Girl Power

Wraith closed his eyes, awaiting the spear to end his life.
“Spider sister.” The yell echoed throughout the valley, halting every living this there. Wraith craned his neck towards the source of the sound.
She was a tall warrior dressed in red and yellow. Orange sashes were around her thin waist. Pendants hung from it. She wore a corset of red leather. Her weapon was a long halberd with a wickedly curved axe. She wore a red bandana and her dark hair hung around her shoulder and down her back and breasts. Her yellow pants billowed and were tucked inside her brown boots. A light violet serpentine symbol was painter across her face but it did not obscure her beautiful angular features. Wraith locked eyes with her large purple eyes and felt a lump on his throat despite the spell pinning him down.
“This is our prey,” croaked the Witch with the spear at his throat. “Get your own, Mountain Clan wench.”
The new witch raised her weapon. From all around them, emerging form the cliffs and canyon peaks, witches wearing red and yellow emerged. Some rode rancors whilst others were on foot. But they all stood tall and proud aiming bows at the black clad witches. Arrows of pink energy quivered as the witches drew them with disciplined and practiced ease.
“You know our methods by now,” said the first witch. “This is the only warning. Leave with your lives whilst you still have them.”
The black witch chuckled. “You do not want to start an open war between the Spiderclan and the Singing Mountain clan. Go back little –”
Before she could finish her sentence, the beautiful witch hefted her weapon and threw it at the Spiderclan witch. The halberd shot into the witch, impaling her and throwing her backwards. The rest of the Spiderclan tensed up and gazed in horror as their leader got slain in front of their eyes.
“Anyone else have a complaint?” called out the beautiful witch. The Spiderclan witches remained silent. “Good. You have two choices: fight and die, or run back to which ever crevice you crawled out from.”
Most of them ran from it but a few remained. Leading the escapees were the first witches who assaulted Wraith. He should have known: bullies always run in the face of adversity. Five of the remained.
“We cannot return without our quarry,” said one of them. “Our matriarch will kill us in punishment.” They raised their weapons.
The beautiful witch raised her arm. “Have it your way.” Arrows flew. Four of the witches were like porcupines; their bodies a pin cushion for the arrows. The spokeswoman managed to shield herself.
“You hide behind archers. Face me you coward,” she screamed at the beautiful witch. The Spiderclan witch swung a curved sword horizontally at the other witch.
Calmly, the Singing Mountain witch stepped into the strike, grabbed the Spiderclan witch’s wrists and twisted. The Spider witch spun and landed painfully on her back. The Mountain Witch held the sword close to her body with her left hand and extended her right. She channelled the Force and squeezed the Spider witches’ neck. The beautiful witch Force Choked her opponent and lifted her off the ground. Her victim struggled in vain. The beautiful witch flicked her wrist and the Spiderclan witch’s neck snapped. The beautiful witch threw her carelessly along with the sword. She walked towards Wraith who, albeit free from the Spiderclan’s spell, remained stunned on the ground. He was mesmerized by the Singing Mountain witch’s beauty and power.
She retrieved her weapon, extracting it from the first witch’s corpse. Then she pulled Wraith’s weapon with the Force and examined it.
“Our matriarch would like an audience with you, outsider,” she said as she pocketed his weapon in her sash. Her tone of voice had changed completely. She spoke with a gentle voice but there was no doubt of her power. Her eyes locked into his and they stood like that for a while. Her purple eyes made his heart beat and his face warm. This sensation was new to him and he wasn’t sure he liked it. It confounded him. ‘This merits more observation,’ he thought as he stood up.
Her halberd twirled and the blade quivered centimetres from his neck.
“Please follow us without any trickery.”
Wraith’s expression hardened. This was the second time a woman threatened to behead him. He was starting to think that every conversation with a female involved mortal danger.
“Keep your hands where I can see them,” she said. Wraith smirked slyly.
“Anything in particular you’d like me to do with them?” he said. She blushed and pressed her blade.
“As if you could handle me,” she muttered as they began walking and other witches joined them. Wraith smirked. He liked her, he decided. 

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