Monday, 20 May 2013

Wrangled Wraith

Part 17 of my Star Wars story. A short piece, but somewhat intense.


Wrangled Wraith

Warrior females popped out of every crevice like a colony of insects. Other, namely those carrying bows and missiles, aimed their weapons at Wraith. Leaping into the fray, he overwhelmed the first warriors before the rest got wise to his tactics. Arrows made of pure energy rained down on him. Wraith put up a barrier with the Force, and tried to take cover. Two warriors breeched his barrier, infiltrating it with their own powers. Wraith was stuck fighting them, at the same time holding his Force Barrier strong against the projectiles.
Ducking low, he dropped the barrier. The arrows pierced the warriors and slew them. Wraith rendered his body intangible. As the projectiles passed through his body, Wraith felt pain shooting through his body. There were no markings or damage to his body: the arrows were made from the Force and designed to damage Force adepts. Wraith felt someone sneak behind him. A witch emerged behind him, like a feral ghoul. Her halberd sliced at Wraith. Despite being intangible, Wraith’s senses warned him to dodge. Something about that weapon made him weary of it. He rolled to the side and felt a sharp biting pain at his side. His body solidified again as he sprawled on the ground. Blood oozed from his side, where the blade of the witch’s polearm sliced at his hip. Wraith crouched and felt a throbbing pain in his head. The world begun spinning.
The weapon must have been poisoned. The witch moved in for the kill. Wraith found the strength to block and Force Pushed. The witch was thrown backwards. Pain shook Wraith’s body as he cradled his wound. With an effort, he readied himself to teleport away, at least for enough to recuperate. He warped space and felt his body shift. But before he fully escaped, he felt the Force binding him to the ground. Witches surrounded him. Each witch took a Force grip on Wraith, binding his limbs and movement. Their spell numbed his body and mind. Wraith felt his connection to the Force waver. He had no defences against spells and magic.
They forced him down, eagle spread. The area around him shimmered and gasses erupted. ‘Energies of the spells,’ thought Wraith. He was completely helpless.
A witch, more intricately dresses in leathers and amulets than her sisters, mounted off her giant spider and leapt off of it. She twirled a wicked looking spear and pointed it at Wraith’s throat. The sun glinted off the tip. For the first time in a long while, Wraith felt fear. Fear of certain death. The witch smiled and the spear descended. 

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