Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stairway to Heaven

Part 15 (long overdue) of the Star Wars fanifc


Stairway to Heaven

Lessons with Yoda consisted of philosophical discussions about the various Force powers and methodologies. Both warriors would sit in a study, perhaps sharing a beverage, and they would talk for hours. Once, the Grandmaster had taken him to a garden on Courscant where Wraith spent an afternoon feeding birds and petting animal life-forms: those docile enough to be considered friendly. It had been an illuminating experience for the former Sith. For the first time in his life he experienced beauty: the simplistic beauty of non-sentient life-forms. Companions which were capable of mindless loyalty and never experienced hatred. He learnt that it wasn’t the universe that was violent. This was merely the result of a few individuals which spread their hate and anger like a disease. Without knowing, Wraith’s philosophy shifted: from a lost Sith to a Jedi.
But his stay at the Temple was not just for philosophical lessons. Wraith would occasionally be given space to meditate on his next course of action. It took some coaxing but finally the Force illuminated him.
“I see a planet coated in the Force,” he told the Jedi Council once it had convened again. “Some Light, some Dark, but the entire world is a nexus of power.”
“What is it you seek?” asked Mace Windu.
“A female. A powerful one.” Wraith paused. “The entire gender is powerful, more so than their male counterparts. I believe the natives are matriarchal.”
Windu nodded towards a Jedi close to him, who stood up, opened a storage cabinet and handed Wraith a smooth orb.
“This is an updated galactic catalogue. Place it on the pedestal and identify the planet,” instructed Windu. Wraith followed his directions and soon the chambers darkened as the projection filled the room with and interactive map of the galaxy. Wraith paced around and finally pointed at a cluster.
“Here,” he said. He heard Obi-Wan Kenobi groan. The holographic image vanished as the assistant Jedi retrieved the orb.
“What?” Wraith directed to Kenobi.
“The planet you identified is Dathomir,” he replied. “The planet is run by the females, who are divided into clans. All of them are powerful Force adepts.”
“I still do not see the problem,” replied Wraith. “Dathomirian witches never leave their planet and those who do are heavily involved with the Sith,” explained Kenobi. “Darth Maul and Savage Oppress were both Dathomirian males. But the most dangerous is Asajj Ventress, a witch and Dooku’s former apprentice.”       
“He betrayed her, as is his nature. But she survived. Our sources tell us that she is a bounty hunter now.”
“Perhaps she is the one I seek,” said Wraith.
“For your sake I hope not,” muttered Kenobi.
“Whatever the case I need to follow the path shown to me by the Force,” said Wraith. “I will go to Dathomir. I have to see where the clues will lead me.”
“Agree I do,” said Yoda. “Focus on an individual, wise it is not. If Ventress you seek, find her you shall. But your answers the planet holds, not the individual. To Dathomir you must go. Assemble your team you must. Reach a climax the Clone Wars will soon.”

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