Sunday, 30 June 2013

Enter Sandman

Part 26 of the Star Wars story. Enjoy.

Enter Sandman

Turge was a fan of the pre-emptive strike. When he heard the Warden’s order, the massive mutant barrelled into a Magna droid, flattening it. His massive arm flung the second droid into the air. It hit the wall and smashed into spare parts.
Meanwhile Wraith snuck behind the Warden and the two droids guarding him. His lightsabers arced and, with their Authorized User gone, the droids fell back to their last command. They rushed at Turge. The hulking giant punched and flailed his massive hands. The droids never got a single hit in. Wraith unleashed Force lightning, disintegrating the droids before they could get up again. Turge turned and growled at Wraith.
“It’s all right,” he said as he raised his hands. The plasma blades had disappeared into the lightsaber hilts. “I’m here to free you. The Force showed me to path to-”
Without warning the massive mutant shot towards him. Wraith jumped high and out of the way.
“I’m not here to hurt you.” Turge looked at Wraith, who was hovering in mid-air beyond his reach. The mutant’s muscles coiled as he crouched and leapt upwards. His jump height exceeded Wraith’s and he loomed over the human. With unnatural precision, Turge tilted forwards and on top of Wraith. His massive frame hit Wraith and together they fell.
Turge’s body hit the ground in a body slam and left a crater. Wraith teleported away at the last second and hovered away. Turge roared, shaking the room with his voice and grabbed a piece of debris. He hurled rock at Wraith who had to use the Force to deflect them as he flew nimbly in between. He positioned himself on top of Turge and unleashed lightning. His intention was to incapacitate, not kill. But the beast was so powerful that even his most lethal power would only slow him down. Red lightning shot from Wraith’s body and into Turge. The mutant flailed and roared, obviously in agony.
Wraith went into a nose dive and latched onto Turge’s head. Lightning still arced from him through the heart. He grasped the mutant’s head and mentally dove into it. The beast’s mind was too strong for the Sith’s commands – hence why it was always caged. Instead the Sith chose to lock away every ounce of reasoning Turge possessed as punishment and incentive. The mental barriers were an ancient Sith magic but the Force had illuminated Wraith as to how best dissolve them. Now it was just a matter of diverting Force form lightning to the Art of the Small, in combination with telepathic powers. It was risky since at that moment, if Wraith brushed against the wrong spot in Turge’s head, the beast would tear off the helpless Wraith and rip him apart.
The first block was his reasoning. Turge was human once. Wraith allowed him to understand and learn once more. The roaring stopped, replaced by sheer confession. Wraith then unleashed his memory. He saw Turge’s abduction and experimentation. To prevent an outburst Wraith unblocked his emotions, letting him remember pain, joy, rage and content. Finally, Wraith allowed the beast to speak once more.
“Who are you?” Turge’s voice was a deep baritone rumble. Wraith gave him memory of himself and his mission.
“I am not the enemy,” he said. Turge’s onyx eyes locked with Wraith’s.
“I sense Evil in you. You are Sith, like him.”
“No, Turge. Not like him. I want to make you my partner not my slave. I am neither Sith, nor Jedi. I am completely free. And now so are you.”
“He won’t let us leave,” rumbled Turge.
“Who is he?”
“The Sith who is master. He controls all.”
Wraith gently placed his hand on the beast’s forearm. Turge recoiled but allowed the gesture.
“But he could not control you now could he?” said Wraith. “Perhaps this Sith is not as powerful as you think.”

From behind them, darkness and evil emanated like a tidal wave. A single figure clad in shadows, emerged.

“I beg to differ.”

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