Friday, 14 June 2013


So, let me try and explain this scene. Giant underground bunker. Young succubus has to tame a monster. a very famous Chinese monster. Who has way too much energy.

(BDW we're still on unedited Legacy book 2)

“Someone needs to chill off the Ritalin,” I said. Sun Wo Kung looked at me sharply and blew a wet raspberry, covering me in phlegm. 
He pointed a finger at me and screeched “Ugly!” and returned to huffing in Abi’s face.

“Son of a bitch,” said Amaymon as the cat burst out laughing. “I like this guy already.”

The Monkey King jumped off of Abi, doing a wide backflip. He pointed at the cat.
“Kitty. Kittymakesgooddinner. Wanttoeatkitty, wanttoeatkitty.” 


  1. Hmm...I wonder if Amaymon still likes the famous Chinese monster after that last comment. Great snippet!

  2. Eww, monkey phlegm. Even if it's holy monkey phlegm. >.<

  3. Can you rent out the Monkey King? I have a pair of cats around here who could use a little more fear in their lives... :-)

  4. Haha! Funny scene... Monkey's, never liked them. :D

  5. Ew. Gross phlegm. I'm towelling off now.

  6. Sung Wo Kung is a little short on manners. He can't eat the cat, it has some of the best lines.

  7. I laughed as much as I cringed. Ick! Great humor and detail.

  8. LOL!! Ritalin and kitty cat... I wonder what kind of weight loss plan THAT diet falls under.