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Part 29 of the Star wars story.


They were back on Drummund Kaas, back in that eerie Citadel. This time their target was a skyscraper, illuminated like a firefly.
Wraith spent the journey there in deep meditation. he knew that Darth Ozar was a businessman on the planet, running the corporate world from above and the underground as a Sith. It was a great enterprise had it not been for Wraith and Elara destroying his facility. The Force showed Wraith where would be located. He constructed a plan based on that information.
Turge, armed to the teeth and cloaked in an oversized black tarpaulin, separated from the group and headed towards the front entrance. He knew what his duty was: wreak havoc and drive Ozar out of hiding. He was more than happy to do that - anything to destroy of Ozar's was a joy in his tiny mutated heart. He would destroy everything and finally Ozar himself.
He planted his feet at the front entrance and removed his cloak. His eggshell white body was covered in plate armour: he looked like the segmented body of a Krayt dragon. Then again he was going for intimidation.
He wore giant oversized gauntlets, going all the way up to his elbows. Two enormous barrels extended forwards from the underside of the gauntlets. Giant ammo packs were strapped to the mutant's back. He raised his weapon at the building's main entrance and smiled.

Wraith, Elara and Pym were waiting for the first signs of panic. They heard Turge's artillery blast off duracrete chunks and glass. There were screams, as citizens and workers rushed out of harm's way. Wraith's could feel the wrath of the mutant - he just wanted destruction. The initial assault was a massacre.
It was easy enough to infiltrate the building afterwards. Security rushed out towards Turge, leaving an open path for the time. They made their way towards the main conference room.
"There." The voice belonged to a security guard. Four droids aimed their blasters at them, but it was too late. The Force users made short work of the droids and the man.
"Run, run." The members of the conference room came spilling out and there was a momentary confusion as twenty or so businessmen of various species burst from the door.
They stayed their weapons until Wraith identified which one was Ozar. The Darth hid his presence very well. Wraith extended his powers and held the members of the conference in his grasp. slowly he begun to squeeze. One of them broke free and Ozar's Force signature spiked for a moment.
"That's him," said Wraith as he pushed aside the other members.
Ozar was dressed in a formal business suit and his weapon was not to be seen. He must have been at a disadvantage because he ran, using the Force to speed up his movements.
The trio gave chase after him.

Ozar ran and stripped out of his suit.
“Kra,” he yelled in his wrist comm. He could feel Wraith hot on his trail, maybe three seconds away.
He sprinted down the corridor and sensed his apprentice. She was a female Mirialan wore a black body suit and carried her lightsaber like a wand. In her other hand she held Ozar’s weapon, and threw it as him as he passed.
“There are three of them. Distract them until I am ready to face them,” he ordered her.
“Yes Master.”

The three ran after Ozar and felt a second Force signature. They leapt over a desk that came hurtling out of nowhere and dodged a Force blast.
A Mirialan female leapt into their vision, scything a double-bladed lightsaber at Wraith. He dodged and Elara kicked her in the chest, sending her flying.
“Go, get Ozar,” she said as she reached behind her. Her lightsaber pike extended and she ignited the purple blade. “I’ll take care of her.”
The two women eyed each other before trading a set of vicious blows. Elara could feel her opponent’s technique – it was deliberate and careful. The witch went in for a killing strike but Kra was too fast and disappeared in a blur. Elara whipped her weapons but missed again.
“I may be at the initial stages of my training, but my basic training is perfected,” said Kra as she augmented her speed and zigzagged from side to side like a fly.
Elara blocked a red blade to one side, then the other. Kra was using hit and run techniques. Her speed made it impossible for Elara to counter attack. All she could do was block and hold out. She studied the Sith apprentice – her strikes were direct albeit random. She had revealed that she was at the beginning of her training. Elara remembered Wraith explaining the seven forms of lightsaber combat to her – the first style learnt was Shii-Cho. It had basic strikes but also emphasized randomness. She recalled the advantages of the system: it was perfect for disarmament and multiple opponents. It relied on body position shifting so it did not make it ideal for a one-on-one fight. Kra’s Force speed however had removed that disadvantage.
The witch channelled her powers and two thin strands of flame shot out. She tried to pincer Kra’s movements – the blur that had been the Mirialan was now restricted to a space between the flames. Kra, however, became a blur once more and appeared under Elara’s arms – far beyond the reach of her spells or weapon. Elara could only block one strike before her pike was ripped out of her hands.
A second strike descended on her neck.
The witch caught the blade with her bare hands, absorbing the plasma energy of the Sith’s weapon. Kra remained stunned at this seemingly impressive feat.
Elara’s other hand grabbed the saberstaff’s handle. She channelled all that energy from the plasma blade, through her and into the hand holding the handle. The energy became intense fire and she literally melted the lightstaff’s handle.
The plasma blades disappeared as their power source was cut off and Kra dropped the burning handle. She was in too much pain to defend herself against Elara.
The witch accumulated all that energy she absorbed and thrust her palm out against Kra’s chest. The resulting Force blast not only sent Kra flying but left a wide gaping hole through her chest.

Ozar dodged a Force blast and spun into a corner. They were leading him towards the commotion. There was probably a task force waiting for him.
‘No,’ he thought. ‘They would not involve clones. The beast.’
That was it. The giant mutant, that genetic defect must be the one distracting security.
Darth Ozar smiled. He had a score to settle with that mutant.

Turge had spent his ammo packs and dropped them. The barrels too – he did not need the extra weight. He threw bombs wherever he could, creating even more destruction.
And then he smelled him.
Ozar came into view and Turge lost his mind. From his giant gauntlets a pair of thick, short and wide blades, shaped like triangular chisels, popped out. The vibro-cutters were usually used to cut stone and precious stones, but any lesser weapon would be useless with Turge’s bulk. With a vibro-blade on each forearm, he charged at Ozar.

From behind Ozar, Wraith felt Turge’s wrath and saw him leap with his vibro-blades extended.
But he also felt Ozar’s bloodlust and realized that the mutant would die if he confronted Ozar alone.

“No!” he yelled but it was too late. The beast had been unleashed.

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