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Welcome to the End

Welcome to the final part of the Star wars original fanficiton entitled Wraith: Agent of the Force.

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Welcome to the End

They were back on Dathomir: Elara’s home planet. After Darth Ozar’s defeat, she had found her beloved weak and in a pile of rubble. His Force signature was only a fraction of its former self. It seemed that Wraith had burnt through the last of his power and was left as a husk.
She had healed him and marvelled at the look on his face. She had always noticed the heavy look in his eyes; the heavy burden which the universe placed on his shoulders. But now he looked light and at ease. She found herself attracted to the newer version of Wraith.
He had regained his strength on the ship as he asked her to take him to her home world. He needed a planet coated with the Force, a nexus of power, far from prying eyes and curious power mongers. She knew of a cave, on the far edges of the Signing Mountain Clan’s territory.
During this short trip she noted his change and spoke to him about it. He agreed – liked the newer version of himself too. It was then when she asked about his name. Was there a meaning behind Wraith? He said that once his master told him about these ghosts fuelled by a desire to torment and punish. When the Force illuminated him to a higher purpose he decided to become a wraith, a phantom of torment, for the Sith. Now; now he was just a ghost in a shell. There was no purpose for him anymore.
Elara did not understand, but that was fine with Wraith; he would show her soon enough. They arrived at the mouth of the cave and Wraith motioned for the Wraith to sit with him.
“Let me show you,” he said. “All of the future.” He leaned in and kissed her.
Their minds linked and Wraith passed on thoughts to her. He showed her all he remembered: the future that the Force showed him, with all that pain and suffering. But after that wave of darkness, hope and love will reign again and that was what his purpose was.
However, there was no place for him in that future. Mortris, Ozar, the mutants: they were anomalies. But so was he. He needed to remove himself from the future.
A tear welled up in Elara’s eyes:  he had come here to die. That’s why he needed a nexus – to disappear within the Force.
“No,” she whispered. “Not now that we can enjoy peace.” She cupped his face and cried.
“I must,” he said. A lump had formed on his throat. “There is no place for me here. If I am here, then the future will not take place. I will become like Ozar; and I would rather die than destroy the universe.”
He squeezed her hand. “I love you.” He had to stop to swallow and wipe away tears. “I love you but it’s time for me to go.”
“Blast the universe,” she said furiously. “Blast the future too. Why can’t we be together now? We deserve it!”
He smiled at her and kissed her gently. “You don’t mean that. Your heart is good and you know I’m right.”
He looked at the cave. “I’ll stay there and become one with the Force.”
She squeezed his arm. “Then I’ll come with you.”
“You do not have to. You do not have to disappear with me.”
“No!” she screamed. “If you are an anomaly than I am one too. And if I have to become one with the Force to be with you, then so be it.”
Wraith’s tears increased. He couldn’t say anything – just how does one express love so strong, so certain, so pure, in mere words?

So together they entered the cave, never to exit again. They sealed the entrance and created a cocoon of energy for them to lie in. They lay down together, holding hands.
They became one with the Force, transcending the living world. The cave too was hidden from the physical realm. There, they would lie, as phantasmal energy hidden from everyone and everything. There they would lie, in wait until the universe and the Force needed them again.
It was a good life, they lived. They had done right by the universe and now the universe will give them everlasting peace. Theirs was a little world of tranquillity and love. The wraith had served its duty: now the ghost shall rest.

Until the universe called for it once more.

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