Friday, 5 July 2013


Last week's vote was all in favor of something new and I keep my promises, unlike the people in charge.

This is a new WIP which I am currently sweating over, (It's like a 100 degrees outside here) called the Pandora Chronicles. I plan a six book series and maybe a trilogy set in the future after the events of the universe.

Here's is the Prologue of the first novel. It takes place some 600 billion years ago, when Earth was just a small spinning marble. There are 2 official version to the origin of life on Earth:

- tiny little microscopic life evolving and the whole Darwinian theory of Evolution
- A bearded white guy flicking the light switch on a planet and spitting out 2 naked people in a garden and sometime later his son came along, riding a stegosaurus and preaching how gay people are all fascists who are going to a very hot place. Apparently he never heard of LA and global warming.

BUT - what if there was a third story? One that no one knows save a few unlucky individuals? What if our purpose in life is not what the self help books say but rather, to fulfill some sordid destiny for galactic purpose? What if, deep down in the vast recesses of our minds, there was a tiny little string and someone - something - was/is pulling it?

That being said - Enjoy a snippet from the Prologue of the Pandora Chronicles

And so They manipulated the heavens once more and wrought destruction upon the planet, eradicating nearly all life. It was a fresh start. This time They would control nature, not allow it to take its course.

They were overjoyed with this new creature They had orchestrated. They had engineered it to near perfection, placing random parts of their DNA code in it. Some of it would push this new species to flourish and branch out wildly. But the more ambitious planted their DNA strands to be activated only once the correct species emerged. After all, natural law had to be followed and only the fittest deserved to be genetically linked to their creators. 

Later on, the future inhabitants of this planet would call that strand of mutation 'human'.

(Dun dun dunnnnn)
(This bit's not in the story)
(Bracket fun time)


  1. Intriguing snippet. Reminded me of Terry Pratchett somewhat (The Dark Side of the Sun).

  2. This kind of reminds me of the twinkle of a story found in the movie Prometheus. Nice start!

  3. Interesting...I like how this is going. Haha, nice one Patrick. The 'twinkle of a story....' (Yeh, still don't quite 'get' that movie.)
    Keep going. I want more please!!

  4. I really love the comments here. You guys are so cool. Thank you very much

  5. Very interesting! Reminds me of Sitchin.

    I definitely like this little intro.

  6. Great draw into the story. Definite clear voice throughout. You've certainly set up the pins on this one, now to see how you plan on knocking them down. (Watch that seven ten split) (always tricky) (brackets in brackets)

  7. You've definitely caught my attention and I'm curious to see where this is going. It's also reminding me a bit of this book I checked out of the Library last week "Evolution" by Stephen Baxter (

    I'm really excited to see where this is going. :) Great Snippet!

  8. Certainly reminds me of that attempt at an explanation at the end of Prometheus...except I'm sure you'll do the leg work. They sound very ominous. Can't ever give anyone too much more. They grow careless. Fun read.