Monday, 10 September 2012

Drum Roll Please

Something very weird happened in the past few months. I managed to keep my schedule. Since what seems eons ago, really just last July, I managed to re-write almost an entire novel, get it proofread, get it professionally edited, create a cover (negotiating the final touches as I'm writing this) and now all I need is to finally give it to the people with machines and then, bibbity-bobbity-bo, we have a novel.

This comes to no surprise to those 3, maybe 7, insane people who follow my ramblings on twitter, and to the fewer who bother to listen to me in my full physical glory (0_0'). After years of trying to coerce me to get a facebook page, I can say that today I gave in. It's on my twitter page (see what I did there?), so please GET OFF MY ASS. This is all just for marketing and meeting the few mentally ill people I call fans, so if you wanna poke, prod, query and question, feel free to do once the blasted thing is out. If you got a personal question, sod off.

And speaking of telling people to sod off, I feel like I should at least reveal some info about the series. Yes, just like most urban fiction books, mine is part of a series. It's maybe 12 - 13 books long (depending on my financial state and sloth) and excluding short stories related to the series.

The name of the series is . . . Legacy.

'Is it the "Legacy Series?" ' you ask, 'or the "Serialized Legacy?" '
Most likely the first but I'll leave that to the people with the press. I just call it 'the-damn-thing-that-occupies-80%-of-my-brain-all-the-time-and-won't-leave-me-alone'. There's a theme here, see?

I will also reveal the title of this first book: Firstborn.

Are you gasping in awe, are you, are you?

So why am I telling you all this? Because I need you. Yes you (*point*). I need you to get your butt to the London Expo this October, come to my table (which I will be sharing with awesome artist Shaun Kami Aka Ookz) and buy a copy. It will change your life. And it'll be your chance to buy the first edition, self-published by moi (under supervision of course, I can't be trusted), and GET A SIGNED COPY. I will smile and tell jokes. I will only have a limited number (as much as I can fit in a suitcase) so it's first come, first served.

An e-book version will come out first, probably for Amazon Kindle. Just sayin'.

But before that, on this very blog, I shall post the first three chapters. Just to tease you. Because I want to see you teased.

Stay tuned,

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