Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ebooks, German teams and red lobsters

For those of you who don't know, I happen to be an amateur athlete. Emphasis on amateur. I'm not very good. Sort of.
Well, I tend to kick ass. Just sayin'.

My sport/ martial art Du Jour is Olympic Wrestling , Jujitsu and a hybrid style known as Spirit Combat (which is kinda like a jujitsu-meets-karate-meets-aikido-meets-kick boxing-meets-kung fu. If I forgot anybody I apologize. I'm there is a system founder looking at this going "What about me?!" as they stroke their Pai-Mei style beard.)

And this week, an Pro German Wrestling team visited my sad little island (literally) for a little sun, sea and showdown smack-down.
And despite their cultural (waaayyyyy more disciplined then us hoolingans) systems and differences, I believe we had fun.

A week of late sleeping, early waking, cultural visiting / tour guiding, host playing and the aforementioned butt kicking. All on dregs (3 hrs a day) of sleep.

So why do I bring this up?

Because today is the start, the beginning. Is it really?
Yes, today is the day that I have officially become an author. A (self )published author. With a book.

This is a story blog so allow me to divulge in a tale of journey, pride and screaming at the computer cos you don't know what the fuck else to do.

It was during entire days of touring Malta's finest (sarcasm dripping) establishments and cultural monuments (half of which our governments saw fit to demolish), we would arrive home at, say, eight or nine pm. I takes me till about ten to fully regain control over my central nervous system again.

And how does one relax after a day of playing host? Why, by going on Kindle (CreateSpace) and formatting  (playing with margins) a manuscript 16 cocking times before it is accepted for ebook publishing.

And today, as I carefully sat down with my sunburnt lobster-red body, I have received the good news. My debut novel, of my debut series, (I'm new to this gig, get off my ass) is up on kindle.

Yeah you read well.

Book one of the Legacy series, Firstborn, is, in fact, IN your way. It's looking at you with puppy eyes, begging you to caress it as you stroke your finger across your kindle, ipad, iphone or whatever. And you can, in fact do that.

Right here.

Yeah right up there, in the purple/ blue link.
Click it.
I dare you.
You know you want to.

It is only now, after 6 cookies, a cup of coffee and a 5 hour nap that I have the energy to deal with this. I've had an arduous week. I've screamed at the kindle set up site and at my computer, which almost gave me a heart attack or two. I've had to read 4 books a day and all of them were the same. Mine. So its understandable that I'm hating this novel right now and want don't want to see to for at least another year. Or two.
But you'll love it. A mixture of action, paranormal, humour and pissed off wizards, Firstborn will have your hear racing and your pants peeing. 0_0. Or it will threaten to shoot a fireball in your face.

For those of you who are interested here is the blurp:


Meet Erik Ashendale, wizard.

He solves all kinds of problems of a magical and freaky nature. Especially when it comes to hunting down the supernatural.

So when he and his talking cat are asked to protect a girl who’s being chased by a big-time demon, they can hardly refuse, especially when the rent's due.

Once the fight takes shape, Erik and the rest of his unlikely companions have to pit themselves against the elemental forces of good and evil: angels, demons, a Japanese monster, 1/7 of the Deadly Sins, talking pets . . . and even a morally ambiguous twin sister gets thrown into the mix.

In order to stay alive, Erik must deal with his terrible past and the secrets of his family. And he must never forget the most important rule of his twisted world: Nothing is ever what it seems.

P.S. You'll be happy to know that all that remains for the London Expo is to find someone to print 150 copies of this novel in 4 weeks. My only problem is that I have a professional attitude, which seems to be in opposition to the local motherfuckers that I have to work with. But that's my problem. :)

Stay tuned for more updates. After a loooonnnnnngggggggg nap.

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