Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Prodigal Son meets a Liar

Part 5 out of 6 of my Hisoka story. Enjoy

The Prodigal Son meets a Liar

Hisoka admired the building in front of him. It was only a few days travel from where the carvan had last performed and he remembered this place. How could he not? Kukuroo Mountain was where the Zoldyck family of assassins lived.
“Yes Father. I shall deal with them myself.” The voice came from behind the large set of doors. With a loud creak, the first two doors opened slightly, leaving a small gap for a boy, approximately Hisoka’s own age, to casually walk through. He had long black hair that flowed like a billowing trail of darkness behind him. He wore a simple one piece jumpsuit, minus the arms. Its midnight blue color contrasted with the crack of dawn. With a relaxed gesture, as if he were caressing a flower, the boy placed on hand on the door and pushed. Both doors creaked loudly and locked in place.
From the other side of the road, a large truck pulled up. Men, Hisoka assumed they were mercenaries, dismounted and extracted all manner of weapons. Guns, swords, and aura. Hisoka crouched behind the bushes, hidden from all senses. He was simply content to observe.
The boy calmly extracted a set of large round headed needles and held them at eye level. In an instant he disappeared from sight and five men lay dead, needles emerging form their skulls. The others opened fire. Hisoka could barely hold still any longer. The boy was powerful. He wanted to fight him and kill him.
Flicking his wrist, Hisoka shot a set of four cards, killing two of them. The last one had no gun. He simply waved his arms and ethereal canine spirits formed out of thin air. The Zoldyck boy evaded their snapping jaws and moved in closer to his mark. The mercenary yelled and the spirits exploded, throwing the boy backwards. Undeterred the boy got back to his feet. Hisoka leapt out of the bushes and landed right next to him.
Thinking that the magician too was an enemy, the boy stabbed at him with a needle. Hisoka evaded and directed the boy’s weapon to point at the mercenary. With a flick of his finger, he forced the needle out of the boy’s hand and straight at the enemy.
“We can kill each other later, assassin,” muttered Hisoka. He pointed at the airborne needle. The mercenary had summoned another spirit dog in front of him. Normally the needle would have been slowed down and stopped. But Hisoka had other plans.
Having attached Bungee Gum to it as he threw it out of the assassin’s hand, Hisoka flexed his finger and the rubbery aura twanged, creating a small wave. The extra force drove the needle through the Nen dog and into the mercenary’s eye.
“Impressive,” said the boy flatly.
“Indeed. You’re welcome,” replied Hisoka.
“I didn’t require your help,” said the boy.
“True. But you would have sustained injuries. And that would make our battle less fun.”
Their eyes met for a second and their movements happened in the blink of an eye. The boy extracted another needle and stabbed at Hisoka’s face. The magician blocked with a card. They stood there pushing their Shu enhanced weapons against eachother.
“This is the first time someone has blocked my needles,” said the boy.
“This is the first time someone poked a hole in one of my cards,” replied Hisoka.
“It seems that we are at an impasse,” said the boy.
Hisoka chuckled. “Not really.” He lifted his other hand and dispersed his In. Each finger had a Bungee Gum aura thread on it, each leading to the cards he threw, some pebbles he stepped on and the needle he used to kill the last mercenary with.
The boy eyed each one calmly and quickly, his eyes darting along the aura lines. He then lifted his own free hand. With a series of bone crunching cracks, this fingers and nails elongated and veins popped out.
“I could kill you before you make use of them,” he said. Hisoka let out a laugh.
“It seems we are indeed at an impasse.” The boy’s blank expression cracked and the faintest of smiles showed on his lips.
A large, well-built man with long, wavy, white hair emerged from the gate and made a beeline for the boy. Illumi quickly backed away from Hisoka and faced the man with a slight bow.
“My apologies Father. I have failed my test,” he said.
The man placed his large hand on his son’s head. “Illumi, when someone helps you defend the Zoldyck name and your house, it is customary to introduce them to the patron of the house.”
He turned to face Hisoka. “My name is Silva Zoldyck. This is my son, Illumi.”
Hisoka waved with a flourish. “Hisoka here.”
“Well Hisoka, what are you doing here?”
“I will not lie to you, sir.” He gazed at Illumi with mischief in his eyes. “I am you son’s lover. We tried to keep it a secret but the intensity of this moment is much. Forgive me Illumi dear.”
Illumi’s jaw dropped and Silva’s eyebrows shot up.
“Well,” stuttered Silva. “Er. . . not sure how to respond to this. I guess, I’m glad you found someone Illumi,” he said, smiling at his son.
“He is not my lover, Father. It’s obvious he’s lying,” fumed Illumi.
“Hehehehe.” Hisoka’s laugh only served to irritate Illumi more. Silva ran a hand down his hair.
“You are indeed remarkable Hisoka. Very strong. And you are the only person who managed to get under my son’s skin like this. You are indeed a remarkable liar,” said Silva. They both turned to leave.
“I suggest you not try to follow us. Our dog is hungry,” warned Silva as they turned to leave.
Hisoka called out for them. “Just a moment, Mr. Silva.”
“Our conversation is over, Hisoka.”
“You mentioned a test.” That sopped both assassins in their tracks.
“That is our family business. I’ll think of something,” replied Silva courtly.
“What if I could provide you with a suitable substitute? I assume that this test is graded on assassination skill and tactics, correct?”
“Indeed.” Silva’s interest had peaked now. What a curious boy indeed.
“I can provide you with a target,” said Hisoka.
“Sounds to me like he wants to hire us Father. Can you pay?” asked Illumi.
“No. I have no money to speak of,” replied Hisoka.
“Then what are you willing to offer in exchange for our services?” asked Silva sharply.
Hisoka took a deep breath and slowly increased his aura. His Ren increases, one layer at a time, until soon the entire area was engulfed in his aura. Silva and Illumi instinctively activated their Ten to avoid any harm caused by such a large force.
“My lies. My potential,” said Hisoka looking at Silva dead in the eye. Illumi had no idea what that meant. But Silva understood. He comprehended what Hisoka was offering and, if he was correct, that would be more valuable than all the money in the world.
“You’ve hired yourself the best assassins in the world, Mr. Hisoka.”

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