Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Unveiling Time, Rants and my head is a pothole

I may have promised the release of the cover of Firstborn yesterday. Or was it the day before? I tend to merge the 9 or 10 days of the week (yes I know. My days are f***in long!!!!) in to one long, never-ending clusterfuc*.

But enough about me and my bitching. You guys don't wanna hear about the heart attacks I get when I'm trying to persuade the cover artist into drawing what I want (my mind is too deep. Like a well. Or a pothole) or the fact that in good old Malta NO ONE and I cocking mean no one EVER prints books. It's not enough that we don't support but quash local talent (I'm pointing at me bitches) but today I had to explain to the head of a publishing company WHAT A F****** BOOK LOOKS LIKE. Yeah you read correctly. Our publishers don't know what books look like. No wonder everyone lacks hobbies, manners and personalities. Proof of Maltese illiteracy ->  publishers who ask me what does a book entail. (Seriously lady, shoot your self. No seriously, shoot yourself. Seriously, just do it. No seriously, PULL THE COCKING TRIGGER).

OK I'm calm again. Now that I have finished formatting Firstborn into an ebook (You guys have to buy this sucker; it's awesome) I finally have time to write something here. (P.s. Whoever invented the margins in MS word, See shoot yourself rant above. It applies to you too, ya jackass). 

The few sad people who read this (no seriously, I love you guys. Here's a cookie. You're awesome) you'll be happy to know that yesterday at like 3am (won't that be today then? seriously Ryan!) I finished the last piece of writing - the dedication. Some of my friends (the cool ones which read this blog anyway) are mentioned. Yes, you bastards, a novel has been dedicated to you. Now where's my cake?

But anywho. Now that I've ranted enough it's time to show this cover, now that I actually own it. Are you ready?
You wanna see it?
You really wanna see it? 
NO not that!!
The cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Are you drooling yet?

In order of appearance from left to right -> Big boat, pissed off magically enhanced wizard, Big Ass MONSTER. It's an Ushi-Oni. Wiki it.

Stay tuned for more updates. And rants. Mostly rants.

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