Friday, 4 January 2013


Another part of Chapter 2 from Firstborn. What way to celebrate the New Year than with magic, monsters and mayhem. Enjoy

There are many ways to counter a spell. A subtle and cunning magician would simply dismantle a spell covering this wide an area. The trick is finding the right component to remove and such things require patience and subtlety—two things with which I was never compatible. Brute force, on the other hand, was second nature to me.
For the second time, I raised Djinn high above my head, holding it as if it were a trophy and I the athlete who had just won it. I poured as much energy as I could into it, making the blade glow intensely. Blue became white and after a few seconds, hot, searing, smiting, supernova light pushed back against the swallowing darkness of the spell, although I had to shut my eyes; the luminosity was too painful. The pressure dropped, and both light and darkness vanished, leaving behind a ringing silence broken only by my panting breath. Natural light hit the walls, revealing a very mediocre paint job. 
My hearing picked up things that had been dulled out before: the chirping of birds, the distinct, tense orders from the police officers outside. 
And the muffled whimpering of children.


  1. From the frying pan to the fire. FUN!

  2. ', searing, smiting, supernova light ...' Loved that description!! :D

  3. Muffled whimpering of children ... Oh no!

  4. Oy, save the children, wizard! I like this a lot.

    1. Yeah I suppose he'd better save them. Better than the original draft where I made him eat them with some tartar

  5. Well, if it's a school, it's good that the children are still alive to whimper.

  6. Just the coolest details in every one of these snippets. Always want to know what's going to happen next. Great action, slamming from one battle to the next, but is it enough?

  7. Nice imagery with the light versus shadow!

    :) Heidi

  8. Ohh... children. :(

    Love the image of the glowing blade. Very nice description of normal light and sound coming back into the character's perception.