Friday, 25 January 2013


Story so far: - Wizard vs some Lizardmen. Wizard barely makes it out alive. Wizard thinks he saved the day and makes a heroic entrance. A mutated Lizardman emerges and stabs the wizard, mortally wounding him. Wizard is barely alive. Time to rectify this epic fail.


There is one upside to my condition, however, that has proven to be very useful in my line of work. My body is constantly regenerating itself, healing the daily collections of scrapes, cuts, and bruises, as well as the occasional bullet or claw wound, almost instantly. My magic is strong enough for me to automatically heal my body with enough raw power left over to cast very taxing spells repeatedly and without fatigue. Already magical energy had gathered around the hole in my chest, reducing blood loss and regenerating tissue. Pain coursed through my body, but it passed as quickly as it came. The super Lizardman had barely taken four steps toward the cowering kids before I’d gathered enough strength to get up and point both Berettas at it.
“Hey, ugly,” I said. My voice was calm but every word oozed ethereal power as if I were possessed by the spirit of an arcane deity.
The Lizardman spun, poised to attack.
I squeezed both triggers at an inhuman pace, forcing the guns to spit magically-enhanced lead at a rate that no human could ever achieve. 


  1. I enjoyed the summarizing leading into the action as much as the snippet. Just the facts. I also got a kick that your character can magically regenerate tissue but pulls out the Beretta's to take care of business. Fun snippet!

    1. Thanks. Yeah he's just got a great healing factor. That's not gonna get the job done by itself though is it?

  2. That last part especially popped for me!

    Thanks for sharing.

    :) Heidi

  3. I love the description of his voice, oozing power like an arcane deity - superbly evocative. Good snippet!

  4. I'm beyond this point, but I'm partway through too many books.

  5. Wizards and Lizards! Great stuff :)

  6. I always wondered what an RPG would be like with actual characters and proper dialogue :) Good snippet.

  7. Sounds like the power trip of this magic might get him stabbed again. I hope he'll be cautious in his victory this time. Fantastic snippet. A lot of fun.

  8. Huzzah for magical healing abilities!

    These have been such fun snippets to read. Thank you for sharing them!

    (and sorry I was so late on commenting this week...)

  9. Fab snippet!

    "Hey, ugly!" - maybe not the most pleasant thing to say to a lizard man. lol

  10. This serves well to quash the old adage, "No matter how adept the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will still cramp his style." I like it.