Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Some thoughts on Legacy series Book 2

Hello People of Earth and beyond. Since I've promised you guys some info on book 2 of the Legacy series once I reached a 100 followers on twitter (which I'v gone over since that time), let's jump right ahead to it.

First up, the story - Firstborn left us with Erik taking Abi and Jack as apprentices. Amaymon gives us some info about how Lilith did not reflect the true powers of the Seven Sins and that things are more difficult and more horrendous than they seem on paper. Fun times ahead people.

In this one, Erik and Abi try to find some common ground - their personalities clash and Erik has no idea how to teach her without killing her. Amaymon offers some advice, but then again, the cat rarely says anything useful. Some vampires die along the way (just cos I think there are way too many of them and it's my duty as a fantasy author to start thinning out the population).
Book 2 is a sequel (of course) but also a prequel (huh?). Let me explain. The story is going to be one giant flashback. Erik decided to take Abi to a special training facility under a Chinese restaurant. Yes, a newly introduced character is of Chinese origin, over 1500 years old and wrote a very important warfare book. I ripped off Chinese history - new achievement unlocked! The second one is - well you'll figure it out by yourselves.
A new magical channel will be introduced in this one (kinda like Djinn) and again it's from Asian mythology. Abi's new powers will be explored albeit not in a lot of detail (cos she herself is kinda new and she is one of a kind). Don't worry - we are gonna get to see her kick some butt. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer at a formative age; heroines are inevitable.
As all that happens Erik decides to tell his story, starting from his childhood and the revelation he's a wizard, to initiation in the family business, to the patricide part. He gets a second mentor, the Mr. Miyagi type. Erik's mother gets to play a role of sorts and Gil is sorta nice in this one. Mephisto and Amaymon get reintroduced, and if you thought they were creepy before, think how they might look from the eyes of an eleven-year-old.
The main antagonist is a character created just for this book - and I can't wait to write him just cos he's so evil. I mean cheesy, Machiavellian evil and I just love it. Oh and there's gonna be a phoenix in this one. A big giant flaming bird. Kiss my ass Dumbledore.
The plot line goes all the way from Erik's childhood towards the point where he opens shop.

There are about 5 million hints as to what the Ashendale family curse is, and what is does and how can it be reverted if at all. There are also a bunch of hints on what Amaymon called "The puppetmaster" at the end of Book 1. And also who the mysterious traitor in book 1 is as well. There are hints. Obscure ones. Hidden deep within the double, sometimes triple, meaning of the words. Hehehe.

As for the title: currently I'm torn between Memories and Mind Walk. I was gonna go with Flash Back and Past Blast but then I grew a brain and a sense of style. So if you wanna help me out in this, post a comment with your favourite title. They are working titles mind you, which means they can be changed once I give them to an editor or publisher. You've gotta keep those people happy.
Don't even ask about the cover - although I will reveal it once I approve something which I like.

As you can see, its one long story. And given the possibility of becoming formally published I cannot give you a release date. It may be a year, It may be two. I'm just gonna go and say sometime in the next 5 years. That way when you get it earlier, you'll be happy and not throw stones at me.
I'm also working on short stories and a new series, so in between the Legacy books, you can look forward to those. And by short stories I mean Legacy series canon stories which fit in between the books.

Hope this made you somewhat curious about the next book. Please feel free to leave comments and questions; just no trolling. I'll ignore it and then shame you on the blog. And you wont even realize I'm shaming you on the blog. I'm just that awesome.

I think.

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